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– The one of the main purpose of this release is improvement of core part of JCR implementation to make it more reliable in multi user, high concurrent environment
with big arrays of data. eXo JCR was highly stress tested using dedicated multi-benchmarking framework as well as third party test tools using different
size of data storage (to 12M documents of different size).
– To make it possible move big amount of data between repositories as well as performing backup/restore, XML export/import was improved with XML streaming,
a.k.a. StAX based engine
– Several important proprietary features were added such as: random IO for BLOBS (extremelly useful for the FTP and CIFS transport), IPv6 support for replication and others
(see details below)
– Two new Value Storage implementations were added: (1) another type of local FS based called TreeFileValueStorage is better than Simple one for managing big
amount of documents (it is faster for file searching operations). (2) Amazon S3 based value storage allows storing documents remotely using REST based protocol
– JCR WebDAV server was refactored, now it uses eXo REST framework underneath, MS Office and Open Office plugins were improved as well
– JCR CIFS was significantly improved and fixed, now it supports NT LN 0.12 protocol, plain text and challange/response authentication, random IO and other important features

You can download the eXo JCR 1.7 here:

Bug fixes
JCR-334 Make dialogs of plugin in a separate library, from which they will be available for all applications of office.
JCR-333 OpenOffice plugin can’t open remote file from Search window
JCR-325 Repository name seems to be ignored in WebDAV URL
JCR-323 Remove dependency on Servlet API in WebDav service
JCR-309 Remove version after restore Peter Nedonosko
JCR-303 JDBC configuration persister on Postgres
JCR-296 Issue while renaming a file using WebDAV
JCR-293 Escape “:” character when setting the JGroups channel and IPv6 is used
JCR-288 String Value.getDate() format exception but content is 8601:2000-compliant
JCR-326 NullPointerException on system view import
JCR-313 Namespace mapping in export

Changes and improvements

JCR-341 Indexer/Search concurrent usage
JCR-308 S3 stream data optimization
JCR-283 Additional Search testing, refactoring
JCR-243 Improve of exportDocumentView method (of JCR-220 )
JCR-220 Change export to xml file encoding to UTF-8.
JCR-173 Make a value storage plugin that stores content in Amazon S3
JCR-339 Improve import of mix:versionable nodes.
JCR-332 Romove orderable states for ItemState class
JCR-329 Swapped ValueData new lifecycle
JCR-328 Be more tolerant with data inconsistancies at import
JCR-322 Use only target item for actions launch in SessionActionInterceptor
JCR-320 ItemState MOVE mockup (JCR-319)
JCR-317 Value storage ID
JCR-312 Same-Name Siblings for jcr:xmltext nodes
JCR-307 add jcr sql creation script for oracle (multidb)
JCR-305 Create RemoveAuditableAction
JCR-304 Query default order optimization
JCR-297 Remove exception stacks when using webDAV
JCR-295 Remove lock after JCR restart.
JCR-294 Copy of locked node.
JCR-292 Hierarchical organized BLOB value storage
JCR-291 NT LM 0.12 SMB dialect implementation
JCR-287 Import/Export with StAX impl (BLOB operation optimized)

WebDav Service Updates
* simplified configuration;
* using of the resources were removed;
* client library contains 99 tests for testing the most used cases;
* locking mechanism was updated. Now it contains valid timeout value;
* implemented chunked transfer-encoding;
* refactored properties working in PROPFIND, REPORT, PROPPATCH commands;
* PROPNAMES type of the PROPFIND included

Microsoft Office Plugin Release updates

* exo_jcr.msofficeplugin.common library created;
* proxy settings was removed from Settings dialog;
* small redesigning of the dialogs windows;
* now size value shows in the friendly format;
* the Sessings dialog checks on the correct input parameters;
* the repository name configuration included in the Settings dialog;
* versions of the file sorted by Creation Date;
* new icons and mime-types included;

Open Office Add-On release updates

* small redesigning of the dialogs windows;
* size value shows in the friendly format;
* the repository name configuration included in the Settings dialog;
* versions of the file sorted by Creation Date;
* search error fixed: the property jcr:data always sends to client during searching;
* fixrd the error while saving a non-existent file: now displays a message “Can’t save the file”;
* now the query displays when store file with a another name (Save As), and a file of that name is exists.

Link Producer Service Release updates

* Lnk Producer is an extension of the REST framework library;
* URL changed from http://host:port/lnkgenerator/.. to the http://host:port/rest/lnkproducer/…

CIFS Service changes
– NTLM 0.12 protocol dialect impementation added.NTLM 0.12 dialect is the newest of standart dialects.
– VirtualCircuits added – client-server session stability increased.
– java-implemented transport layer (NetBIOS) added. Server runs on nonWindoes systems now.
– user authentication implemented. Plain text and challange/response mechanism.
– file random write ability added. Just a small files (size <50Mb). File size limitation depends from common server and network productivity.
– server configuration updated.

Restrictions, defects, detected faults:
– file write restriction – server can’t write large files. Server haven’t time to finish file save. File size limitation depends from common server and network productivity.
– when server runs over nonWindows systems it’s invisible in Microsoft Windows Neighbourhood.
– representation of and oparations over samename files are uncleare.
– if negotiated dialect is LanMan, there are faults with enters on server (enters from 2-3 attempt).
– if you have SVN installed on client, there may by shorttime hangs of clients whan you performs any operation in root folders.

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