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We have been very excited to see so many people interested in the last announcement about the partnership between eXo and JBoss. We thank you all for your interest and your positive comments regarding the future of eXo Platform and its solutions. Here is the summary of what you could read online:

From the JBoss Newsletter:

“A few weeks ago, Red Hat announced that the JBoss Community Portal project has formed a strategic partnership with eXo, producers of the eXo Portal. eXo will be contributing its portal project to a new joint open source project sponsored by the JBoss Community, and the new combined project will leverage the best elements and technologies from the existing JBoss Portal and eXo Portal projects. “With this unique collaboration, portal technology takes a strong step forward, and will accelerate the adoption of open source portals into the mainstream enterprise marketplace”, said project lead Thomas Heute. You can find out more on this strategic partnership in Thomas’s “JBoss Portal – eXo Portal FAQ” page.”

From JBoss RedHat:

Press.RedHat.Com: JBoss.org Community Grows Blog.JBoss-Portal.org: Welcome eXo!

Partnership Analysis and Blogs Reactions:

From Finance Oriented Medias:

Boursier.com Finance.Yahoo.com TradingMarkets.com
Fr.biz.Yahoo.com Fortuneo.fr

Websites which displayed the partnership:

BusinessWire.com TooLinux.com NewsBlaze.com
ITRManager.com CMS.sys-con.com IndicThreads.com
Ciol.com WebsDeveloper.com TheServerSide.com
ITChannel.info Zetta.fr
Bolsamania.fr Programmez.com

Some nice and funny tweets about the partnership:

chanezon : “http://bit.ly/n9W6F Exo-JBoss Portal, 2 companies, one partnership: congrats @exoplatform, Benjamin & @julienviet.”

essobedo : “Arrival of @aheritier at eXo and Announcement of the partnership with JBoss, it looks like a Christmas day for eXo!!”

eXoPlatform : “JBoss + eXo = Open Source advantage” from Rich Sharples, Director of Product Management for JBoss : http://blog.softwhe …”

dbaeli : “So happy of #exo #jboss partnership, a big step forward. @benjmestrallet @julienviet (and co) you did a great work. Now let’s make it real.”

julienviet : “eXo / JBoss partnership fever reminds me France-Brésil 98!!!!!”

This partnership is the beginning of a great adventure for us and more will come soon, as all our product line will benefit from this major partnership. And why not, it might be the beginning of our american adventure as well !

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