eXo Introduces the Evaluation Toolkit: New Resources for Java Developers and Project Managers

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Evaluation Toolkit Streamlines Task of Compiling Information Needed to Evaluate eXo Platform 3 for Social Intranet and Enterprise Portal Projects

SAN FRANCISCO — July 7, 2011 — eXo, the enterprise Java portal and cloud user experience platform (UXP) company, today announced the launch of its Evaluation Toolkit: Vendor Evaluation Resources for Social Intranet and Enterprise Portal Projects at https://community.exoplatform.com/.

What is the Evaluation Toolkit?

The Evaluation Toolkit provides clear and concise information about the features and technical specs of eXo Platform 3, as well as the experience and skills required to successfully work with eXo. The site features a new, in-depth case study of a social intranet based on eXo Platform 3: “The Unexpected Benefits of the Social Enterprise.” Additional resources include:

  • customer testimonials
  • customer success stories
  • technical articles
  • tutorials and demos

Performance benchmarks and step-by-step project guides will be added soon.

Who will benefit?

The Evaluation Toolkit was built expressly for Java developers and project managers charged with building a transactional website, building a new company intranet, or adding social network features to an existing intranet.

Why is the Evaluation Toolkit being offered?

The task of compiling a list of vendors and product specifications to evaluate for software development projects can be an exercise in frustration. Information is either hidden or missing from vendor websites. When information is found, it’s often incomplete or confusing. The Evaluation Toolkit presents a helpful, complete resource that puts everything in one place and in the language Java developers and project managers understand.

How was it developed?

The Evaluation Toolkit reflects the customer-focused philosophy that drives product development at eXo. To help organize and deliver the content of the Evaluation Toolkit, eXo gathered actual vendor evaluation resources from both partners and customers. The resulting toolkit mirrors the typical categories of a vendor evaluation and project requirements document.

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