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Program Gives Developers an Exclusive Jump-start on Evaluating and Developing with New Collaboration and Content Management Features of the Upcoming eXo Platform 3.5

SAN FRANCISCO — September 28, 2011 — eXo, the enterprise Java portal and cloud user experience platform (UXP) company, today announced that it has opened its Early Adopter Program (EAP) for eXo Platform 3.5. Participating developers have access to beta versions of eXo Platform 3.5, along with training and support, so they can begin developing next-generation social intranets and websites. Developers can join the EAP program today by visiting http://budurl.com/e7g5.

Around the world, developers are trying to build websites and intranets that incorporate key real-time tools such as Facebook- and Twitter-like collaboration, social networking, activity streams, enterprise wikis, and more. No single tool provided all the features necessary to accomplish this before the release of eXo Platform 3.0. With the roll-out of eXo Platform 3.5, the first cloud-ready enterprise portal and user experience platform, eXo has extended and enhanced the functionality of the 3.0 release. EAP participants can explore the latest features and functionality of this new release months before it becomes generally available.

Early Adopter Program Highlights

Developers participating in the eXo Platform 3.5 EAP gain the following:

  • Access to Beta Versions of eXo Platform 3.5 allows members to gain hands-on experience with enhanced platform functionality (including content management, social networks, collaboration, and development tools), and to preview new features like the enterprise wiki and desktop mode.
  • Exclusive Hands-On Training introduces developers and administrators to the capabilities of eXo Platform 3.5. A series of web-based sessions focus on the most common use-case scenarios, such as building social intranets and websites.
  • Development Support ensures that participants can provide feedback directly to the eXo team building the product. EAP participants also receive prioritized bug resolution support (15 support tickets that are valid for one year), as well as complete access to developer documentation.
  • Subscription Discounts provide participating companies with three developer licenses for $7,000 (€5,000 for customers in Europe); the entirety of that amount will be applicable against licenses for eXo Platform 3.5 when the GA release becomes available.

The EAP also offers participants a first-to-market advantage. While the beta version of eXo Platform 3.5 is not intended for production use, developers participating in the EAP will be poised to deploy their new websites and social intranets in a production environment as soon as the GA version is released.

eXo Platform 3.5 High-Level Enhancements

“Developers were very enthusiastic about the 3.0 release of eXo Platform,” said Benjamin Mestrallet, founder and CEO of eXo, “but they’ve also been asking for a lot of enhancements. The 3.5 release continues to demonstrate our commitment both to developers and the customers they serve.”

Enhancements to eXo Platform include:

  • Mobile Apps: Native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps integrate elegantly with intranets built on eXo Platform 3.5, ensuring that users can interact with personalized gadget dashboards, activity streams, document repositories, and more–at any time, from anywhere.
  • New Enterprise Wiki: eXo Platform 3.5 includes a full-featured wiki that integrates easily with other social network features (networks, activity streams, and so on). It includes standard enterprise wiki features, such as WYSIWYG, watches, macros, permissions, versioning, and more.
  • Simpler, More Intuitive Interface: Users asked, and we delivered. eXo Platform 3.5 provides a simpler, more intuitive interface that’s easier to use.
  • Enhanced Social and Collaboration Tools: eXo Platform 3.5 extends and enhances the collaboration features in eXo Platform 3.0, adding features such as delegation, expanded support for calendar synchronization, the ability to view all activity streams, and more.
  • Improved Content Management: eXo Platform 3.5 includes improved search engine optimization (SEO) features, advanced workflow integration, expanded Java Content Repository (JCR) support, and more.
  • Improved Sample Apps: The sample website included with eXo Platform has been expanded to illustrate how developers can take advantage of many of the new features of eXo Platform 3.5–from UI customization to the inclusion of rich content and improved site navigation.

The beta release of eXo Platform 3.5 does not yet include all the features that will be included in the GA release, which is scheduled for delivery in the next few months. Full multi-tenant support will be available in the GA release, but is not included in the beta versions released during the program. Other services may continue to evolve throughout the beta release period as eXo incorporates user feedback.

For more information or to register for the EAP, visit the eXo Platform 3.5 website at http://budurl.com/qdbw.

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