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Many people ask us about the status of our corporate website since we have updated the www.exoplatform.com URL to point to the technical documentation our our incoming products (https://community.exoplatform.com/portal/intranet/wiki/).

We do even get comments like:

“exoplatform.org and exoplatform.com are the same and redirect to an xwiki. There is no obvious link to basic information (such as license, demo, etc.). Certain things like “CS” have no information at all.”


“And none of these sites seem to have any information about consulting services and how one might hire eXo SAS to for example customize a setup?”

We are currently working very hard to complete the product line in order to launch all the flagship products before the end of the year (eXo Portal, eXo ECM and eXo CS) and an important part of it is to also make the technical documentation. That is the reason why, during this late development stage phase, we have decided to point to the wiki allowing anyone to add some text to the documentation. Hence, there is no information on licenses or service yet as we don’t provide any so far (well, we do some but mainly with historical partners or for quite large projects and Proof Of Concepts – POCs – in order to validate the new revolutionary WebOS layout and artwork).

Furthermore, we do not sale any new subscription for the older product line and we just advise existing customers and provide some maintenance to them. The new version will dramatically impact the Portal, ECM and Collaboration market (a bit à la Sharepoint which is the fastest growing Microsoft product with 800 M$ revenues per year) and hence we now mainly focus on it both to finish the technical aspects but also to launch an ambitious marketing strategy as well as a growing sales network.

And for sure, a new web site – based on eXo ECM / WCM – is on the way as you can see in the following screenshots:

The home page will include a “Hot News” section where we will display a nice image on the last products or contracts. Then there will be 3 quick links to our main products (Portal, ECM and CS) and finally 2 sections for the latest news and events (conferences, webinars…). Once again all the artwork has been done by our internal web design team.

Here is the site map we foresee:

 |- Blog -> link to the blog
 |- Product's Home page
 |  |- Portal
 |  |  |- Portal layout
 |  |  |- WebOS layout
 |  |  |- Communities
 |  |  |- Widgets
 |  |  |- Flexible Skins
 |  |  |- Advanced Security and SSO
 |  |  |- Third parties applications (XWiki, SpagoBI ...)
 |  |- ECM
 |  |  |- DMS (can talk about webdav and CIFS inside)
 |  |  |- WCM
 |  |  |- Records Management
 |  |  |- Workflow and BPM
 |  |  |- Office plugins
 |  |- CS
 |  |  |- Mail
 |  |  |- Calendar
 |  |  |- Contact and IM
 |  |  |- Forum
 |  |- OEM
 |     |- Java Content Repository
 |     |- Portlet Container
 |- Services
 |  |- Support
 |  |- Training
 |- Partners
 |  |- becoming a partner
 |  |- Technical Partners Listing
 |  |- Solutions Partners Listing (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinium)
 |- Customers (and testimonials on the customer main page)
 |  |- List
 |  |- Use Cases
 |- Developers (a page that link towards wiki, jira, fisheye, forge...)
 |- About US
 |  |- Contact
 |  |- Jobs@eXo
 |  |- our offices (a google maps would be fun)

If you have any suggestions or comments on what you would like to see in the future web site, feel free to write us or post a comment in this blog.

Thanks for the interest, we are trying our best to satisfy you…but it is not so easy to change the Internet…

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I'm Chief Executive Officer of eXo (The Open Source Digital workplace), a company I founded just out of university to serve its first customer, the U.S. Department of Defense. I'm also board Member at Meeds.io, an association of software vendors that provides its members with employee recognition software.

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