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Why the Middle East?

For a global company such as eXo Platform, the Middle-East market is one of the most promising. It is a thriving market, keen on using new collaboration technologies to modernize business processes.

This year, eXo seeks to reinforce its presence in this dynamic and competitive region, bringing 12 years of experience in collaborative solutions to businesses of all sizes from all industries.

For this reason, eXo is reinforcing its direct presence in Tunisia and developing strategic partnerships with trustworthy local providers.

A Promising Partnership with Palaxo

Through its partnership with Palaxo Technologies, headquartered in Dubai, eXo Platform will be closer to its Middle-Eastern partners and users. The company aims to provide tailored collaborative solutions either directly or through this partnership, addressing a variety of client needs from extranets to internal collaboration.

To celebrate this partnership, eXo Platform will be present at the Gitex annual exhibition, where the partnership will be officially announced.

Why Gitex?

Gitex, or Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, is very well attended and very well known for being an unbelievably rich place for networking and connecting with customers and partners.

Gitex brings together thinkers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. They are people who have thought and implemented technologies that have changed the world, or at least made life easier.

Kind Words

What a Palaxo Senior Vice President said:

“We’re excited to be on board at eXo in order to deliver more value to our customers by offering a new alternative to enhance their websites and social intranets with new ways to expand and customize their solutions.”

What we say

The eXo team, in its entirety, is pleased to count Palaxo Technologies among those who already trust its solutions and expertise. Together, we hope to achieve great things.

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