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It’s a cheery time of year. And this month’s Exo IDE release brings you all sorts of cheerful features. We are revealing a new invitation wizard, expanded AppFog language support, Surefire Reports, and performance improvements. All go well with your holiday EggNog.

More Coders: Code with Others

With the holiday season coming up, this is the perfect time to gather fellow developers around an interesting project and code joyously in the cloud!

Our new invitation wizard let’s you easily invite Google contacts and GitHub collaborators to access your workspace and collaborate on projects.


More Languages: AppFog Enhancements

We have added support for AppFog PHP and Python projects to go with our Java deliciousness released in November. The folks at AppFog did a nice writeup of the integration – check it out:http://blog.appfog.com/exo-ide-is-now-integrated-with-appfog/. Thanks for the great words, guys!

Better Testing: Surefire Reports

Failure is always an option. Especially when you write tests. If your Maven build fails because it didn’t pass the unit tests, you can view the Maven Surefire Test Report with a single click!


Faster, Faster, Faster: Introducing WebSockets

We are constantly working behind-the-scenes to improve the performance and responsiveness of the editor. This month we refactored key features such as Build, Run, Debug and Git operations to use WebSockets.

Our previous implementation involved HTTP request and response headers which contained lots of additional header data, therefore introducing latency. Using the WebSocket protocol, data-frames can be exchanged between the client and the server without adding any data overhead. Real-time communication with lower latency resulting in a snappier UI, and nearly instantaneous actions on many commands. Give it a whirl!

Tell Us What You Need

We are collecting feature requests and we’d love to know what we can do for you. Take a moment to ontribute or send us an email at support@cloud-ide.com.

Happy holidays and have fun coding in the cloud!

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