eXo hires a world class CFO while the company size reaches 100 employees

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After many years of growth, eXo Platform, French editor of intranets, enterprise portals and collaborative software, hires an internationally renowned CFO: Véronika Mazour.

To structure eXo Platform growth

eXo Platform is facing a strong growth of its activities since its creation. In order to sustain its activities, eXo Platform always hired the most talented people, even in periods of crisis. So, famous personalities from the Open Source world and the software development joined eXo Platform, such as Julien Viet, now eXo Portal manager, and Tugdual Grall, now business and product strategy manager.

Nowadays, as eXo Platform reaches a critical size worldwide, it becomes necessary for the company to set up a financial strategy serving the growth and enabling the organization to structure its financial management on a long-term basis.

Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO and founder of eXo Platform, highlights these needs: « The company is already standing in many countries and we are still developing our activities worldwide. Moreover, our growth is still increasing, helped by a passion stirred over the Open Source. In this context, we need to strengthen our financial basis in order to structure and perpetuate our development on the long term. Véronika, who has been hired from the Boston Consulting Group, is a finance expert with an international profile and skills in enterprise strategy and organization. I am sure she will bring a lot to the development of eXo Platform. »

Véronika Mazour nominated CFO

Graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique, école des Mines de Paris and from the political studies institute of Paris, Véronika is a multi skilled financial expert who acquired a strong experience in renowned companies around the globe. She worked in financial audit at BNP Paribas, acquired experience in Private Equity at Goldman Sachs and has experience in enterprise strategy at Boston Consulting Group.

Véronika Mazour now joins eXo Platform with the objective to structure and supervise the finance management of the company as well as to set up a financial strategy on a long-term basis.

Véronika points out the facts that motivated her to join eXo Platform: « eXo Platform today is an emerging star on its market. The company has a huge potential and needs to strengthen its finance. My role will be to structure the organization and its financial management as well as insuring its perpetual development. It is a very exciting challenge and I hope my experience will contribute to the eXo Platform success story. »

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  1. Hi
    Just a question. Is there any personnal link between Ms Mazour and Benjamin Mestrallet ? I happened to find a link to a Veronika Mazour-Mestrallet on facebook.


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