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We have been working hard on the next version of our eXo ECM module that now becomes an ECM suite with several sub modules:

  • eXo Document Management System (DMS): to manage structured and unstructured documents
  • eXo Web Content Management (WCM): a powerful sites factory
  • eXo Workfow: to leverage existing Business Process Engine like Bonita or JBPM with corporate documents

Hence we have split eXo ECM in two sub modules (DMS and Workflow) and have added the eXo WCM one as an ECM sub module.

The eXo DMS module allows users to upload, comment, vote, version and audit binary documents like PDF, ODF or Microsoft Office ones. It is based on eXo JCR foundation product.

The eXo WCM module is also leveraging the JCR core one and a customized version of eXo DMS in order to reuse the advanced File Explorer UI to store web contents and all the sites assets such as images, videos and documents in a structured way.

The eXo Workflow module can be run in standalone or coupled with eXo DMS and eXo WCM to add advanced publishing and sharing capabilities.

All those 3 modules can be run all together.

The version tags will be eXo DMS 2.3, eXo WCM 1.1 and eXo Workflow 1.0. The first module should be released in March

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