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eXo Web Content Management 2.0 now available as open source download

San Francisco, Calif. (June 15, 2010) – eXo (https://www.exoplatform.com/) today released eXo Web Content Management (WCM) 2.0. Bundled with GateIn 3.0 and Tomcat 6.0 to run out of the box, eXo WCM is now available as a free download under the open source Affero Gnu Public License (AGPL). Commercial support for eXo WCM will be available as part of eXo Platform 3.0, expected later this year.

Why Use eXo WCM

Like all eXo services, such as eXo Social (announced just last month), eXo WCM is designed for IT organizations that want to be able to integrate web content with their existing enterprise Java systems. eXo WCM comes with tools and extensions already familiar to Java programmers, so they can starting developing from day one.

On its own, eXo WCM provides all the modern Web 2.0 capabilities needed to create, publish and manage web content. It runs with GateIn, the advanced new portal framework created by eXo and Red Hat, so users now have content management inside a portal. Users can integrate  applications in the portal and manage all the content from the same user interface.

With eXo WCM as a core piece of the eXo Platform, Java enterprises have a comprehensive user experience platform for integrating intranet, Web and transactional applications — similar to what SharePoint provides for .NET.

Highlights of eXo WCM

Visit the eXo site for a full list of eXo WCM features. Highlights include:

  • Scalable Content: eXo WCM is based on eXo JCR,  an open source implementation of the Java Content Repository specification. This implementation has been in production for several years within large productions environments with tens of thousands of users and millions of documents.
  • Ease of Use: eXo WCM makes it easy to create, approve and deploy content as part of an overall Java web application. Search, Favorites, Tagging, Voting, Cover Flows, Timelines, Versioning and Locking are all easily enabled for content users.
  • Customizability: eXo WCM can be customized to suit project needs. Users can change the content repository structure and use their own metadata, for example; choose from different content templates, or create new ones; and create specific views based on roles.
  • Extensibility: eXo WCM comes with ready extensions for adding document management and workflow. This package also includes a preview of a new authoring publication extension for more contextual and dynamic content life cycles. Users can create their own plugins and extensions to make eXo WCM work for them.
  • Flexibility: With eXo WCM, users can slice and dice their content in several ways and publish in multiple places with different workflows. Even if stored in just one repository, content can be classified in different hierarchies, tagged for public or private view and “favorited” so it can be quickly accessed from an individual’s private drive.

Supporting Quotes

Benjamin Mestrallet, founder and CEO of eXo: “With eXo WCM, Java enterprises have a complete portal and content management system in a single software package — eliminating the need to cobble together solutions from different vendors. Anyone can start using eXo WCM on its own today. But for those enterprises looking for an elegant, integrated way to modernize their Java applications, eXo WCM is a hint of what’s to come with the eXo Platform.”

Getting Started

Availability and Support

  • Download today
  • Commercial Production Support: eXo WCM 2.0 will be supported in the forthcoming eXo Platform 3.0, planned for later in 2010
  • Early Adopter Program includes one-year developer subscriptions and early access to other eXo offerings
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