eXo CS – Part 1

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We will launch eXo Portal 2.0 and eXo ECM 2.0 leveraging the WebOS concept in September.

But we are already working on the next step, eXo Collaboration Suite (eXo CS) which includes several applications such as:

  • Contact Manager
  • Shared Calendar
  • Web Mail
  • Forum
  • Instant Messager
  • White Board
  • Wiki (based on XWiki)

Those applications along with our Portal and ECM will bring eXo very close to giants such as IBM, Microsoft or Oracle that are the only ones to have the full stack in their portfolio. It will of course be the only Open Source provider to have it.

Furthermore, as this was the result of internal developments, the integration between the applications and the core platform such as our content repository (eXo JCR) is tight and every content likes contacts or calendar events are structured ones stored in the repository. That is not the case of IBM stack or Oracle which have built their product thanks to external growth (FileNet for IBM and Stellent for Oracle).

We will disclose those new application screenshots little by little and today we start with the Contact Manager application.

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I'm Chief Executive Officer of eXo (The Open Source Digital workplace), a company I founded just out of university to serve its first customer, the U.S. Department of Defense. I'm also board Member at Meeds.io, an association of software vendors that provides its members with employee recognition software.

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