eXo Collaboration Suite 1.0 Released

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We are proud to announce the availability of eXo Collaboration Suite 1.0.

eXo team has been working hard to build a full featured collaboration suite that sits on top of eXo Portal. CS 1.0 applications are rich portlets that run on top of eXo Portal 2.0 or eXo WebOS 1.0.

Main functionalities are :

  • eXo Mail : multiple accounts, tags, filters, pop/imap/smtp support, conversations, fulltext search
  • eXo AddressBook : multiple address books, tags, sharing, vcard support, thumbnails, fulltext search
  • eXo Calendar: events and tasks management, multiple view, reminders, invitations and meeting scheduler

For more details, have a look at the product presentation on eXo Platform website.

Professional binary downloads are available uppon request. For the community, you can already checkout the source code from SVN.

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I am the product officer at eXo. I oversee product management and product marketing. My teams design, create and promote the features of and improvements to eXo Platform. As a former enterprise software developer turned product manager, I have a passion for how IT can improve people’s lives. In this blog, I write about some of my personal interests, such as productivity, alternative forms of management and corporate organisations, collaboration, open-source and emerging technologies.

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