eXo as the Platform of Choice for the OW2 OpenCloudware Project

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For 18 months, eXo has participated in the OW2 OpenCloudware project. The main idea is to create an open source PaaS (Platform as a Service) to allow users to develop applications in the Cloud. When we say development, we think about all application lifecycle steps, from development to deployment, through build, tests, integration, qualification and maintenance. Users will be able to create a complete distributed enterprise application in an automated way, and then deploy it to multiple IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions.

In this project, eXo Platform is in charge of the frontend of the application. We are creating a portal, which will be the unique entry point for all users. It will be based on our main product eXo Platform 4, and will provide access to all facets of the project. We are also working on the security aspect by defining how current user identity is shared between all subparts of the platform such as VM generation tests, deployment, etc…

eXo Platform develops an open source social collaboration platform, allowing users to access all parts of their work via a unique entry point. Through the platform, they can develop new applications, create and instantiate new virtual machines, launch test campaigns of these applications, and finally, deploy them to the IaaS of their choice. Through the portal, the OpenCloudware application will look like a single application, even if it is composed of a lot of different parts. Finally, all information collected by this set of components will be aggregated and provided to the final user as part of the portal.

Learn more about how eXo Platform is helping OpenCloudware with my interview about the project.

Try eXo Platform with eXo Cloud. It’s free and it just takes a couple of clicks to set up.

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