Cartoon of the week: Dutch police use augmented reality to investigate crime scenes

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The dutch police are using AR to investigate

We’ve all enjoyed playing Pokemon Go, but some people have enjoyed catching little pocket monsters so much that they’ve decided to turn the game into reality.

I’m talking about the Dutch police, who are using an augmented reality system to detect insightful indices at a fresh crime scene.

It looks like the Dutch police are now playing the popular game Criminal case … in real life this time.

The aim is to help responders with qualified input from experts, even if the experts are miles away. This way, the most relevant experts – forensic experts or scientists – can get involved in the search and minimise the risk of accidentally contaminating evidence.

Experts can therefore uncover clues without touching anything after receiving streaming videos from police officers. The officers are then guided by the experts as they explore the area. The remote experts annotate the scene with notes that can be viewed on a smartphone or a head-mounted device.

“We now have good enough software and hardware to use augmented reality at crime scenes” says Dragoş Datcu, principal researcher at AR company Twnkls in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Working remotely is so popular nowadays that we don’t mind adopting it in different areas. In this case, because of time and cost constraints, it’s not always possible to gather the whole team at a crime scene so that everyone can do his/her job in person. So it’s beneficial to go with the flow of the latest trends and start to get most use out of augmented reality.

The question is, what can we do next with AR at a crime scene? One thing we can be sure of is that there will be huge debates around that subject.

Stay tuned for more fun cartoons!

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