Documentation Website Update: Reshaped JCR Guide and Disqus Integration

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The quality of eXo Documentation is being improved daily and we would like to share with you the last two major enhancements undertaken recently: a reshaped JCR Reference Guide and the integration of Disqus to the documentation website to enable comments and discussions.

1. A Reshaped JCR Reference Guide

The first significant change focuses principally on the JCR Reference Guide. With the help of Patrice Lamarque, Nicolas Filotto, and the Support team, the DOC team has worked hard on a new structure for the JCR Documentation.

First of all, the purpose of this update is to ease reading. Previously, the guide was made up of 40 chapters that made it difficult to browse and find what we needed.

Now, just go on the JCR Reference Guide and you will see a totally new structure, which has been arranged in four dedicated chapters:

This reference guide published on our Documentation Website is now totally platform-centric as we have removed all the obsolete chapters (the ones with no relation to eXo Platform). The target was to reduce the barrier between JCR and eXo Platform.

With the help of the developers, the relevancy and accuracy of the content (including code, path, examples, and more) has been checked and much improved. For several chapters, which were either too short or too long, we have tried to gather the information properly to ease navigation and help users to find quickly what they are looking for.

For the DOC team, it is a great first improvement! Of course, we will go further and, for instance, rework the Administration part of JCR with the Administrator Guide of eXo Platform or continue to improve the content of the Developer Reference chapter.

Your feedback is always welcome and it will be a pleasure for us to apply it to the JCR 1.15! Which leads us to the second major change, with the integration of Disqus directly in the Documentation Website to enable comments and discussions.

2. Disqus Integration into the Documentation Website

The second major improvement in the Platform Documentation is the integration of Disqus, a very convenient tool for web comments and discussions. Disqus has been integrated in the Documentation Website and is now displayed on all pages of the Documentation Website.

This is a great means for us to collect user and community feedback and keep updating the documentation!

You can’t imagine how important your feedback is and Disqus is the best way for us to discover what is unclear and needs to be improved in the eXo Documentation!

Thanks for your support.

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