Documentation update: Public Render Parameters, Portlet Bridge, OpenAM integration and more

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Over the last month, we have made many improvements to eXo Documentation. We have made these enhancements based on your expectations about technical issues, and due to minor changes to our product. Let’s summarize the main updates.

First, some new tips in the Developer Guide:

  • Based on what was briefly said in this blog by Julien Viet, we have written a new tutorial that gives you the necessary knowledge and steps to use the Public Render Parameters in eXo Platform 4. Following these instructions, you can easily add a built-in Public render parameter or even create a new custom Public render parameter in eXo Platform.
  • An important note has been added to the bottom of Creating a portlet. Accordingly, you need to add the jboss-deployment-structure.xml file that declares platform.ear as a dependency when creating a portlet in a JBoss bundle.

Second, a series of changes in Reference Guides:

  • Have you met with difficulty in customizing labels and icons in the content explorer? If so, our updates to the Defining labels and icons section will provide you with clear steps and easy-to-understand samples.
  • Technically, the Portlet Bridge libraries need to be included in the .war (WEB-INF/lib). That’s why we have removed the PB extension from the package and from the Administrator Guide too. Now you will refer to the GateIn Reference Guide only for instructions on how to package a JSF2 portlet and deploy it into eXo Platform.
  • With steps that have been rewritten in the Configuring the OpenAM server section, you can easily configure the OpenAM server, especially when setting up the Authentication plugin and configuring realm in OpenAM UI.

Finally, we would like to mention that we have reviewed the User Guide based on the last version of eXo Platform 4.0 and made minor changes, including labels, UI and forms.

Also, we have started working on the documentation for eXo Platform 4.1. With our continuous integration you can learn about our new features, for example email notifications, right now. Simply check out our documentation websites and, at the bottom of each page, give your feedback on difficulties you face due to a lack of instructions or even our mistakes. We are here to listen to your voice!

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