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Our documentation website was launched a year and a half ago. Although we have received many compliments, we have continued to work on improving both the content and the form. So we have rolled out many small updates to make our guides more useful and nicer to look at.  Today’s update includes some significant changes that our community of developers will love.

First, we have a new structure for the IDE User Guide.  We have rebalanced the chapters and organized them into a more logical sequence. This guide is now arranged into three chapters that will make the content quicker and easier to find : Basic Operations will teach you what you need to know to use the IDE user interface, Advanced Operations will show you how you can effectively develop stuff like REST services, gadgets, templates or Chromattic data objects, and Miscelleanous tips for customizing your IDE.

Next, we have polished the functionality of REST APIs documentation. This documentation is now all generated directly from the code thanks to the powerful generation mechanism offered by Wikbook. This is a great step for us, because maintaining an API reference along with the code was a tedious task. Now we can be sure that you will get the latest updates right from the makers!  We tried to make them easy to read so we have looked at best practices around the web (yes, Twitter API docs was a source of inspiration) and applied them!  Check out  our Content REST APISocial REST API and  Calendar REST API and give us your feedback.

Also, we have added a long-awaited section to the Developer Guide: How to Extend eXo Applications. You will learn about the UI extension framework that lets you plug extra UI into eXo apps. This will let you do cool things like adding a new social activity plugin, extending the Content Explorer, or extending the wiki with your own menu actions.

Finally, as with every other update, this one comes with tons of typo fixes and tweaks to enhance your reading experience. We hope you will like it as much as we’ve loved making it for you! We’ve got many more enhancements in the works and we will keep you posted here. Stay tuned!

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