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As promised, new updates on the Documentation Website have been deployed. Significant changes have been made, taking into account to requirements and feedback from developers and customers.

First, to work effectively with applications in eXo Platform, we provided a new section, Developing a portlet. Here are step-by-step instructions on common actions you can perform on portlets through extensions. In addition, we decided to review the entire content of Developing a gadget and rewrite it based on developers’ current needs.

We have also replaced the System Integration chapter with a completely new one called Managing your organization. In this new chapter, we focus on hands-on examples, allowing developers to easily manage their users, groups, and memberships by initializing entities via XML configuration and with the organization API.

You might also be interested in other small but important updates.

Now if you have difficulty in configuring Maven, updates based on eXo Platform 4 in Setting up Maven will instruct you on the correct set-up. Following previous updates related to registering an extension for Tomcat, we have now added one for JBoss server as well another way to register an extension with script. In the Developer Guide, one helpful use case, Publication lifecycle, allows you to create your own publication lifecycle and add an action to it. Finally, if you like working with Single-Sign-On frameworks, you might be entirely pleased with the updates on CAS and JOSSO sections.

We are still working on new improvements, so feel free to give us your feedback to see it quickly utilized in future updates. Enjoy these updates and stayed tuned!

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