Customer Spotlight: The French Government Pension Service

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Customer Spotlight: The French Government Pension Service

Within the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Government Pension Service manages specific pensions for officials. This service collects data relating to the careers, sets fees and release payment for several million people.

Our product team recently talked to Jérôme Melleard, the Information Architect from the French Government Pension Service. The Government Pension Service is a financial channel that collects every official’s career data; it knows what every official does, knows when they retire, and calculates their entitlements so that they get paid.
This service is under the authority of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, which is tightly budgeted. Jérôme said that most data processing related to pension management is usually insured by a very expensive proprietary system, for which resources are becoming increasingly scarce. In view of renovating and streamlining public spending, these treatments were to be migrated to a new system that centralizes the user interface and manages access rights.

Furthermore, cross-company functions, such as content management and security clearances, have become much more complex and time-consuming. Therefore, it was very important for the Government Pension Service to use the appropriate technique at the right time to save time and money.

Achieve a software development within an open-source community without having technical support can be more costly than anticipated. This time, we had to be going fast and control our costs. It was, consequently, obvious that we would subscribe.” Jérôme Melleard, Information Architect

Besides, he wanted to install a high-performance tool capable of presenting graphical interfaces for its business applications, and the solution had to be both flexible and non-intrusive.

He also noted that the standard functions we provide, such as content management, document management, and a wide range of administration capabilities, are very beneficial to have rather than to develop, adding that our portal engine naturally responded to the service needs.
With our management features, business teams can now manage article publication on their own without having to involve IT.
In addition, after adopting eXo’s robust security model, clearances have become more readable and easier to handle.

Through the Government Pension Service portal, approximately 1500 officers are currently handling pension accounts for over 2.5 million government officers.
Other government ministries, such as the Ministry of National Education, are adopting it soon so they can manage over 5 million pension accounts.

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