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Mutavie is one of the Macif (a major french insurance group) subsidiary specialized in life insurance. Mutavie is a provider for the Macif and other partners of life insurance savings products. They manage a portfolio of more than 1.2 million subscribers, and more than 21 billions euros.

The challenge for eXo was to help Mutavie redesign both their corporate website and customer portal. Indeed, the digital team of Mutavie wanted to modernize their 10 year old’s company website. Two main issues raised, first the website was created without the support of a content management tool. This made their website really rigid, hard to make new content available for editors and required the help of their IT team. In addition, their customer portal was integrated to their website, however it was based on a different technology and maintained by a different team.

Mutavie favored eXo Platform thanks to a previous experience implementing a partner’s portal. In addition after a careful analysis of their requirements revealed that eXo Platform met all the content management requirements of Mutavie’s ambitious project

“eXo has always been involved, helping us choose our system architecture and validating some of our technical decisions. Their valuable advice have been key to the success of this project.” — Jérôme Farcet, Head of Technical Operations, Mutavie

After a few months of work, Mutavie was able to offer a full digital experience with the help of eXo, offering a totally redesigned and feel of their website. It allowed content creators from Mutavie to update regularly the website with proper content easily. In addition, the new customer portal allowed its members to do online most routine procedures by themselves.


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