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The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEAE) is the administrative body responsible for the french diplomacy and coordinating activities between embassies and consulates. The Ministry’s duty is to implement the foreign policy of France and to ensure relationships with foreign countries.

The challenge for eXo was to create a portal that could bring together the 14,000 collaborators from all embassies and consulates, into a single location in which everyone could easily exchange informations, which is at the heart of the diplomatic action.

In deploying eXo’s collaboration solution, our main objectives are knowledge sharing and the decompartmentalization of information.  — Nicolas Milcent, Program Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The ministry’s choice favored eXo, as the platform offered portal and document management functions, alongside several additional features that were in line with the ministry’s collaboration strategy.

After a full redesign of the first prototype, the new “Diplomacy Portal” was gradually rolled-out starting January 2017. The service has been deployed following a roll-out plan and ongoing updates and follow-up for users.

“eXo Platform allows us to maintain continuity while providing the advantage of being integrated. Everything we did with two products is now possible with one.”Nicolas Milcent – Program Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

With their new portal, the ministry was promoting a new way to collaborate among its employees. They aimed to create a digital space for inter-embassies discussions, allowing knowledge and information to be shared in a secured, high quality working environment. The roadmap for future enhancements to Diplomacy Portal contains plans for many rich and varied features such as around customized activity streams and calendar functions.



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