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iN DEMAND is a worldwide leader in providing and distributing transactional entertainment. The company reaches about 60 million households throughout North America via Pay-Per-View, Video on Demand and digital platforms.

The challenge for eXo was to help iN DEMAND enable collaboration through a new and modern digital platform. Before adopting eXo Platform, iN DEMAND had its own intranet that had started to become outdated. This intranet was mainly used for document storage purposes and lacked some key capabilities that iN DEMAND needed. The company chose eXo because it wanted a collaborative intranet with a built-in enterprise social network in order to build its internal digital collaboration culture through employee interactions. The open source nature of eXo Platform and its ability to be extended and tailored allowed iN DEMAND to maintain better control over its own employee experience.

“Collaboration is certainly a great benefit. This intranet is the biggest tool in our arsenal to tackle that issue.”Vincenzo Onorati, VP Digital Marketing at iN DEMAND

With the aim of launching their new intranet at the company’s 30th anniversary, the project team introduced the new intranet environment to end-users after two months of gradual personalization and adjustment and has worked since then on continuous improvement and of the intranet. The newly launched iN DEMAND-branded intranet allowed free-flow of communications, making it a hub for cross-departmental interactions, better employee onboarding and easier access to information.

“My main goal is to break down silos within the company or build bridges between them.”  — Vincenzo Onorati, VP of Digital Marketing at iN DEMAND

If you would like to learn more, you may download the complete case study here.


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