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Even if the new version of eXo Portal supports a WebOS layout, it is of course still possible to create pages with usual site layouts (nested colums, rows or tabs).

The process to create such a new page as been greatly improved and users can now go through a 4 steps wizard to create a new page. Javascript and AJAX are, here again, extensively used to provide a unique user experience for a web application.

First you can access the wizard once login from the left menu, inside the Administration item:

The first step allows you to select the name of the new page as well as its parent. You only see part of the page tree you have rights on:

You then have to select a template for your page. Note that you can modify the template, with some cool drag and drop, in the next step.

After a drop, you will be able to edit the portlet properties such as its width and height, title or icon

If you also need to modify the template itself, you can easily do it by adding containers (columns, rows or tabs). In the next screenshot we add a 3 tabs container inside a container of the template. You can also drag and drop containers and portlets within the template.

When you are satisfied, you can preview your new page to be sure all is perfect.

After saving, you will see the page in the tree.

As simple as building lego toys 🙂

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