Congratulate on BarCamp Hanoi 2009’s great success

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Yesterday (April 19th, 2009) was one of the most memorable tech events in Hanoi with BarCamp Hanoi 2009. It is considered as a festival for us to join, create and share ideas, to have chance meeting up together in person instead of online discussion. Yesterday 16 eXoers were ready to join and share with 2 interesting topics: “Enterprise 2.0” by Brice and “OpenSocial Application Development” by Hoat with the support from Tung.

BarCamp spirit from the banner:

There were about 250 persons with 38 topics including Entrepreneurs Academy, Cryptology & Steganology,Marketing Law & Vietnam online market, Improving IT education in Vietnam, Enterprise 2.0, OpenSocial Application Development, Social Media in Vietnam, Social Media in Haiku’s way, Online Dating Service, etc.,

Bryan Pelz – VinaGame’s CEO

Everyone was gathering around at the assembly room:

Brice with Enterprise 2.0 session talk:

Yesterday the weather was really hot, especially at the lunch time. The BarCamp Hanoi 2009’s organization was quite good, everything was not out of control. Everyone seemed satisfied with the organization then.

Some people couldn’t attend but they could know all the session talks from live schedule and twitter channel with #barcamphanoi hash tag.

eXo is glad to sponsor BarCamp Hanoi 2009 with RMIT Hanoi, VinaGame, Baomoi, Moore Corp and Vega Corp and thank our organizers so much, thank you, guys for coming and sharing your ideas with eXo Platform about our business and products in Vietnam, thank for your suggestion to improve our products. What’s next? We can look forward to BarCamp Saigon at the end of this year.

eXo’s presentations:

BarCamp Hanoi 2009 Resources:

– Pictures: flickr, anhso
– Presentations: slideshare (BarCamp Hanoi’s presentaions are put on the spotlight section – slideshare’s home page)

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