Cartoon of the Week: Google teaming up with salesforce to harness the power of cloud computing

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This week, Google and Salesforce unveiled a strategic partnership that pairs their corporate software and cloud computing resources to drive value for their mutual customers.
The new partnership will allow Salesforce to use Google’s Cloud Platform infrastructure and enable Google to use Salesforce as its CRM provider to sell cloud services.
Customers can now access Salesforce information within Gmail, Google Sheets and other products more easily. The deal will also help drive Salesforce customers to G Suite and allow businesses to use Google’s productivity software for free for one year.

‘We have a lot of mutual customers’, Ryan Aytay, a business development executive at Salesforce, said. ‘There’s a lot of demand for us to work more closely together.’

It’s obvious that the move will allow both companies to better compete with other businesses, especially Microsoft, which offer the same packages of sales, marketing and productivity applications. This is yet another sign of the love–hate relationship between Salesforce and Microsoft, which considered acquiring Salesforce years ago.

To achieve higher productivity and a more connected customer experience, both parties will have to work hard so joint customers feel the effects of this deal.

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