Cartoon of the Week: Google to block intrusive ads within its chrome browser

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Starting this week, Google will begin blocking intrusive ads by turning on by default the adblocker in its Chrome browser for desktop and Android – ending the scourge of awful banners and creating a healthier ecosystem of the web.

“A big source of frustration is annoying ads: video ads that play at full blast or giant pop-ups where you can’t seem to find the exit icon,” said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, vice president for Chrome. “These ads are designed to be disruptive and often stand in the way of people using their browsers for their intended purpose – connecting them to content and information. It’s clear that annoying ads degrade what we all love about the web.”

Well, hello Google! Internet users have already reached that conclusion years ago and even managed to block web ads by using ad blocking code in browsers, in apps, and in network hardware. It was about time!

Google will not outright block all ads but will instead inform sites with intrusive ads about the CBA guidelines and then give them 30 days to catch up. The company will only block ads from sites that persist.

Don’t worry Google – we can’t blame you on laxing on your own rules. We’re perfectly aware that you make most of your money from online advertising 🙂

Just joking! We know that you can’t hurt advertisers who aren’t doing anything disruptive. Shout out to a better user experience.

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