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Google Assistant: Google Duplex

Some of you were amazed; others were offended by what seemed to be unethical and inauthentic – but everyone has been talking about it: The Google Assistant called Google Duplex.

If you’ve been following Google’s major announcements then you already know that the brand has been innovating a lot lately; from self-destructing messages and automatic emails, Google is now taking control of your social life.


The crazy (terrifying for some) new feature of Google was shown during its I/O developer conference, where CEO Sundar Pichai  did a live demo. The Google Assistant called a hair salon to make an appointment for a haircut with a female voice and to a restaurant to make a reservation with a male voice.

The Assistant was even able to handle some tricky situations gracefully and added small hints like ‘ummm’ and “Ohh, I gotcha” to make the conversation sound natural and more human – so human that the persons who were called didn’t suspect for a second that they were talking to Artificial Intelligence.

Is it really happening or has Google fudged the demo? We’ll wait and see when the feature is finally released.

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