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Have you heard? is selling itself to Walmart. Obviously, Walmart, being the retail giant we know, could benefit significantly from this acquisition. It will further develop its online services and get a share of Amazon’s playground… Yeah. “Dream big”, right?

Anyway, if this acquisition goes right to the end, Walmart will have seriously stepped up its e-commerce game and will be able to compete properly against Amazon
I mean, let’s hope so. Because Walmart has paid top dollars to try to catch up with Amazon!

The price to buy $3 billion. Yes. That’s what we can call a heavy investment.

But seriously, Walmart has a lot on its plate if its ultimate purpose is to catch up with Amazon.
You want to know why? Here are some numbers:

– Walmart’s online sales in 2015: $14 billion
– Amazon’s online sales in 2015: $108 billion

No comment.

Anyway, is, for Walmart, the means to be as dominant online as it is off-line.
If we can all save money and live better, why not?

Stay tuned for more fun cartoons!

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