Cartoon of the Week: Mars One company goes bankrupt

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Mars One

A few years ago, all we were hearing hearing about was Mars One and colonizing Mars. The media were only focusing on that despite the scientists warning and pointing out the mission’s flaws.

Now the promise of colonizing the Red Planet is over as the company is bankrupt with less than $25,000 in its accounts.

In 2014, the company claimed that it would send hundreds of people to live until the end of their days on the Red Planet. But many experts were sceptical and even accused Mars One of being a scam that had neither the plan nor the resources to win such a challenge.

Questions began to be raised as soon as the company disclosed its plan to send the first colonists in 2023. People were asking about the equipment as well as the funding required, considering that the mission would cost billions of dollars. Not only that, but two graduate students from MIT said that the existing technology was not mature enough for the plan.

To that, Mars One claimed that it would fund and purchase all of the equipment necessary by creating a reality TV show that would follow the candidates’ journey.

But the facts showed the opposite as the company continued to change its timelines. At first, Mars One claimed that it would send a series of robotic missions in 2018 and the early 2020s, but then the date was pushed to the mid-2020s.

Unfortunately for the company, it had a wholly expected end. Everyone wanted it to fail, so it did. Has the company uttered its last word? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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