Cartoon of the Week: Gartner and the Conquest of the 7 Crowns

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After the acquisition of GetApp on July 1, 2015, Gartner, in its creeping territorial expansion, “went after” Capterra, announcing its acquisition on September 25, 2015.

It looks like this leading technology research and analysis company removes threats by buying them.
Indeed, Gartner has very well understood that, to keep ruling, it has to use reviews by real users as well as those by specialists. Dialogue and shared experiences have much more value than analysts’ jargon. Makes sense.

Since reviews by providers are gaining more ground and audience in this burgeoning market, Gartner’s mutation is no exception.
In its acquisition of both GetApp and Capterra, Gartner made a very smart move. In the context of software democratization, unify to conquer sounds very much appropriate.
Who’s next?

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