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This week, Apple made some big announcements – one of which really has people talking. Their latest product, the Apple Watch, comes in three different versions – the most expensive of which costs between $10,000-17,000. The Apple Watch Edition is drawing a lot of criticism for both the price and the value because the only difference between it and the $350 version is the small amount of gold used to make it. Furthermore, the company is being criticized for manufacturing gold that is less pure than traditional 18k gold.

To their favor, Apple also announced a new 2 pound, 12 inch MacBook – which also comes in gold (as well as space gray). This model has been long awaited as an upgrade to MacBook Air, and the excitement over it seems to overshadow that of the Apple Watch.

Considering that the watch is the first product announcement in the post-Jobs era, we wonder what the future of Apple will look like. All that glitters is not gold.

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