Cartoon of the Week – Amazon is on Cloud 9 with Web Services Earnings

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This week, Amazon released its quarterly earnings, including $5.16 billion from Amazon Web Services last year. Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos said, “Amazon Web Services is a $5 billion business and still growing fast — in fact it’s accelerating.”

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In other interesting news…

Docker Announces Unified Releases to Cover the Entire Life Cycle
Docker announced a unified update to Docker Engine, Registry, Compose, Swarm and Machine, and will continue to provide simultaneous releases every two months.
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10 Blogs Every Remote Worker Should Follow
If you’re feeling unmotivated, check out these blogs for some inspiration and productivity tips.

Hanoi Jug: Java 8 Stream API
Take a look at this presentation about the new features of the Java 8 Stream API at the first meeting of Hanoi JUG.
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Java SE Tutorial Downloads
Did you know you could download Oracle’s Java tutorials as ebooks?
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VMware Uses Open Source to Further Cloud-native Apps
VMware launches two open-source projects to encourage adoption of cloud-native apps.
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