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Amazon Echo look

Amazon has revealed this week the Echo Look: an Alexa device that provides fashion advice.

Dress to impress they say. Not sure that everyone has the time nor the taste. Hopefully, there is always a technological solution to fix problems we never thought could be fixed before.

The new addition to the Echo family is an intelligent camera that acts as your own personal style assistant in order to help you catalogue and choose the outfit that best suits you.

Sorry personal shoppers, it looks like your time is over!

The Echo Look relies on some kind of machine-learning algorithms and also advice from fashion experts to help you look good, every day.

It includes a feature, “Style Check”, that allows users to “submit two photos for a second opinion on which outfit looks best on you based on fit, color, styling, and current trends”, and claims that “over time, these decisions get smarter through your feedback and input from our team of experienced fashion specialists”.

Not only that but it also creates lookbooks that help you remember what you wore to specific meetings.

That way you don’t wear the same outfit for the next meeting and make your coworkers think that your closet is empty 😉

This smart mirror allow you to take full-length or even short videos so you can check your outfit from every possible angle.

I bet that the person who got the idea of having a smart mirror that tells you the truth about your look was hugely influenced by the evil queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs during their childhood.

Echo Look also includes Alexa’s standard features, such as providing news, music, setting alarms and controlling smart home devices.

But with every smart invention, we can’t help but think about the security and privacy issues.

Risking to have your personal details across cyberspace is troublesome not to mention creepy.

And with what’s happening lately, security hacks make it more disturbing to imagine that you can be watched.

Amazon is reassuring us though and promises not to share any of that personal info. This is what  a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Stay tuned for more fun cartoons!

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