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We announced that Platform 4.3 would be more concerned with productivity, so video calls deserved our attention in terms of the experience at work.
Being productive means achieving more work and being efficient, which is our first concern for every new feature or improvement we make. Video calls have a bunch of benefits, allowing you to boost your productivity in face-to-face meetings.

We want to improve the effectiveness of our users’ experience by providing better quality and stability for voice and video calls.

Previously, video calls used a driver, but now they work through a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Users of Google Chrome will no longer need to install a browser plugin to make or receive video calls, thanks to our support for WebRTC standards.

WebRTC, késako?

As the name suggests, WebRTC (web real-time communication) is a technology that provides real-time communication capabilities, such as audio or video browser-to-browser.

For Google Chrome, this simply means that no plugin or specific action is required to make a voice or video call.

On Firefox or Internet Explorer, you will need to download and install a browser plugin, but don’t worry, we have made this easy and seamless. When you start a call, if the plugin has not yet been installed, a pop-up will give you all the details and suggest that you install it.

Video Calls

Did you say a pop-up?

In our previous version, voice and video calls were managed within the browser, preventing you from handling a call while browsing efficiently in eXo Platform.
We have reviewed and updated the experience, so you can place, receive and hold calls in a separate browser pop-up window to maximize your productivity.


Now, you will be notified of an incoming call on the right bottom corner. You are free to answer or decline it.



As usual, we need your feedback, so please try it out and let us know what you think!

Just download the latest preview build of Platform 4.3, then install the add-on with:
./addon install exo-video-calls::1.3.0-RC3-1 –unstable

Do you have any questions? Share them with us here!.

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