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Last week, we were discussing some of the most useful add-ons you can find to make the most of your Platform. We have a great community contributing add-ons, and there are 3 more add-ons I’d like to show you. Some are very recent, and if you follow the eXo blog, you’ll remember that we published articles about them not long ago. Still, they are very worth mentioning again!

marketplace-extensionMarketplace extension – Showcasing your products
Thanks to this add-on, you’ll be able to create a catalogue that’s easy to maintain. More importantly, the add-on enables other people to contribute new items to the marketplace, making it easy for a community manager or a product manager to manage a catalog. We actually use this add-on for our own Add-on Center so our community can contribute great plugins to eXo Platform.
Learn more and download this add-on.

We previously discussed this add-on here:
Create and manage your online catalog with this great eXo Marketplace add-on

reponsive-add-onResponsive add-on – Making your Platform mobile-friendly
Your users are probably accessing your Platform from a wide range of devices, each supporting a different screen resolution. Mobile use is increasing, and users are now expecting a full Web experience across all their devices. And this is exactly what the Responsive add-on is doing: making sure that the user experience stays the same regardless of device.
Learn more and download this add-on.

We previously discussed this add-on here:
Make your Platform truly responsive with this great add-on

Cloud-Drive-add-onBlog extension – Add a full-featured blog to your intranet
eXo Platform is great for content-based applications. It is very easy to create flexible data structures, add forms, and display them. Thanks to the built-in content management system, the blog extension enjoys great functionalities and is perfect if you want to deploy a blog for your users quickly.
Learn more and download this add-on.

We previously showed you how we built this add-on:
– Building a Fully Functional Blog with eXo Platform – Part 1
– Building a Fully Functional Blog with eXo Platform – Part 2

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