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Doc update 2015

Happy New Year for 2015 from the Documentation Team! We send our grateful thanks to the eXo tribe for your support last year, and hope to hear more from you on the Documentation site and Community.

At the end of last year we defined the baseline for the eXo Platform 4.1 documentation. While you are waiting for more news about eXo Platform 4.2, which is expected later in 2015, let us give you an insight about how we started this new year with these nice updates!

ACME add-on: the new chapter in the eXo Add-ons Guide

This sample website has been used for a long time to present content features. Many of you are familiar with it already. However, the Doc Team has started to write scenarios to support your end users in quickly experiencing content features, from the front presentation to the content drivers in the background. We also think that developers can learn much by building a site like the ACME site: how to initialize a site, inject various items of data and develop content templates, so an ACME cookbook is being written.


We hope you will visit the eXo Add-ons Guide more often to learn about the new productized add-ons, and to help us to improve this guide.

How can you publish an add-on?

You can share an add-on publicly so that it can be installed from any eXo instance. You can also build a custom catalog to use other add-ons besides the public ones.

Read this section in the Developer Guide.

New configuration pattern for JODConverter

You probably heard about the campaign to simplify the configuration in 4.1. We have posted that there is no longer an overlap between exo.properties and customized scripts, since, as you know, from 4.1 the service is configured in exo.properties.

In this post, we would like to highlight that the EXO_JODCONVERTER_OFFICEHOME variable is not supported anymore and we have provided a new configuration pattern for Office home, so check it out.

Once again, we are still working on new improvements, so feel free to give us your feedback so that issues are quickly addressed in future updates. Enjoy these updates and stayed tuned!

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